About us

Maison Tadaboum was born in 2019 in Paris to offer fun, gender-neutral, and easy-to-wear clothes for kids in eco-friendly cotton fabrics. With bright colors and modern prints that will be chosen by children.

We pay special attention to the environmental footprint and quality of our products, which is why our suppliers have been carefully selected and our fabrics are all Oeko-Tex certified. We are aware of our duties as individuals and entrepreneurs and wish to continue ecological awareness through fashion.

If the design of our products is entirely carried out in Paris, we have chosen to produce the majority Of our production in Europe to a local and sustainable approach. Our values are clear and focus on harmonious development, respecting the child, girl or boy, the world around us, the environment.

ecological kidswear brand for mischievous kids



 Feminine name, [mé · zon]: A tribute to the great French Houses, symbols of know-how, quality and inspiration. We want to be part of this heritage.


    Undefined name, [ta · da · bum]: First word uttered by Louis, the founders’ son/nephew, it evokes an explosion, a joyful revolution. We believe that the world and fashion are at a turning point towards a sustainable, ecological and local (r)evolution. We want to be part of this movement.