Maison Tadaboum is an eco-friendly Parisian brand with colorful prints and playful clothes for happy kids. Their 1st collection called “Friends for life” is inspired by those who will always be faithful to us: our dogs and our cats. The collection plays around this theme, working with bright colors and modern graphics.



From the very first steps of our brand, we want to move strongly towards a sustainable economy in terms of ecological and social approach. By working on a daily basis for children, we cannot ignore the fact that the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world and we want to contribute to change the mindset of the sector.

About us

Maison, feminine noun, [mé·zon] :
Tribute to the great French fashion houses, symbols of know-how, quality and inspiration. We want to be part of this heritage.

Tadaboum, indefinite noun, [ta·da·bum] :
First Word pronounced by Louis, Guillaume’s son, it reminds us of an explosion, a joyful revolution. We believe that the word and fashion are at a turning point, towards a sustainable, ecological and local (r)evolution.
We want to be part of this movement.


You can find Maison Tadaboum in the best fashion stores. If you want to know the closest shop, please contact us.


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            Maison Tadaboum
            121 boulevard de Magenta, 

            75010 Paris



            (by appointment) Champs-Élysées

            7 rue Frédéric Bastiat, 

            75008 Paris